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After getting married to my Japanese wife in 2004, I lived in Japan and worked for a Japanese company for 4 years. While I was there, I was impressed by the way the Japanese people treated their things with respect and the country’s recycling culture. It is not unusual to find good quality secondhand products in Japan.

I am a music lover, who has always been fascinated by sound systems, but when I was living in Malaysia, it was too expensive and I could not afford it. However in Japan, thanks to their secondhand market, I was able to experience the joy of listening to music on quality sound systems.

That was when I decided that I wanted to share this same joy with Malaysians.

At Eko Ideas, we are inspired by the Japanese way of serving customers. We focus not only on offering customers good quality products, but excellent service as well.

All our products come with a 1-year free warranty, and CK Wong (our technical support staff) will be there to serve you if you have any problems.

Please feel free to contact us or drop by our shop to listen to our sound systems. If you need any sound advice, we are here to help.

♪ Our team welcomes you to Eko Ideas!