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Setting up your home theater or home cinema is important if you want to enjoy a true cinematic experience. The Blu ray and surround system is not enough without the best home theater projectors available. If you want to enjoy a grand home theater experience in a home setup, then you should invest in a high quality Home Theater Projector or Video Projector which allows you to watch movie and video in perfect quality.


Bring home true cinematic experience in digital projection. 

Sony VPL-VW80 Projector
Sony VPL-VW80 Projector
RM 13,999.00
Optoma X306ST DLP Projector
Optoma X306ST DLP Projector
RM 3,300.00
PANASONIC TH-D7500N Projector
PANASONIC TH-D7500N Projector
RM 9,200.00
Meki 100
Meki 100" Motorised Screen
RM 1,800.00
Snowhite 100
Snowhite 100" Wall-mounted Screen
RM 1,800.00